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Shaums Chairs

and Bar Height Stools

Please find below a few examples of Shaums many chair designs. All of the chairs can be customized in the wood species and stains to match your space. Most of the chairs can be customized to counter or bar height.

Or you may click on the PDF Icon to the right to view Shaums entire catalog.


767C Side Jumbo Mission Shaums.JPG
165C Arm Fanback Shaums.JPG
17C Mission Schoolhouse -  Shaums.jpg
36C Side Bent Feather.JPG
187SB Litchfield Shaums.JPG
12S 7 Spindle Swivel Stool Shaums.JPG
76C Arm 76 Mission Shaums.JPG
37C Montpelier Arm.jpg
22S Wheel Fiddle Swivel Stool Shaums.JPG
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