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Gun Cabinets

in Stock

These are the gun cases we have in stock.

Or you may click on the PDF link to the right to see Genuine Oak's complete catalog - look under gun cabinets.

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gun hidden.jpg

Custom Made  Solid Oak locking
Hidden Gun Drawer holds 6 long guns
and three hand guns
Bottom doors lock to hold amunition,
Locking, lighted
Gun Case With Glass shelves
Custom Hardwood


gun case.jpg
Pine Spruce Branches 8

Custom Made Hardwood
Oak Gun Case with hidden drawer that locks
In Stock

Wormy Maple tops and Walnut legs end tables
with lifting lids which lock hidden gun  compartment
2 In Stock

Oak Gun Drawer end tables with doors.jpg

Solid Oak End tables
with hidden gun drawer and Doors
Custom Hardwood

2 Oak In Stock
gun case hickory.jpg

Wormy Maple Curio Cabinet or book case with glass door and lower cabinet
with hidden gun drawer on side
Custom Created Hardwood
In Stock

Wormy Maple lift top end tables.jpg
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