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Please find below a few of the

Farmside bedroom sets.

Or click on the PDF icon to the right to see Farmside's entire catalog.


Farmeside Kingston room



Horizon Shaker

Farmside Wood Alcan Room Setting2.png

Alcan Bed Collection

FW_Room_Ventura Farmside.jpg
Ventura Collection
Lindholt Collection
FW Lindholt Mans Chest.jpg

Men's Chests

Lingerie Chest
Lindholt Mans Chest.jpg
FW Lindholt Small Dresser Farmside.jpg
Chest of Drawers
FW Woodbury Chest of  Farmside.jpg

Woodbury Collection

FW Lindholt Mule Chest Farmside.jpg
311_armoire_cp Farmside.jpg
Mule Chest Lindholt
HS_111_armoire Farmside.jpg
404Blanket Chest_Y115542 armside.jpg
Blanket Chest
Men's Armoire
5 Cornwell Lingerie with Drawers Farmsid
Cornwell Collection
8 Cornwell High Dresser Farmside.jpg
6 Cornwell Lingerie with Doors Farmside.
4 Cornwell Blanket Chest Farmside.jpg
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