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Artisian Chairs

and Benches

These are a few examples of the many designs our Artisian craftsmen create.

Or you may click on the PDF Viewer to the right to view Artisian's entire catalog.


Artisn Chairs Gurnee.jpg


Artisan Chairs - Alberta Swivel Bar Stoo
Artisan Chairs - Vancouver Desk


Artisan Chairs - Kenwood Bar Stool.jpg
Artisan Chairs - Bostonian Side.jpg


Artisan Chairs - Austin Swivel Bar Stool
Artisan Chairs - Kensignton Arm.jpg


Artisan Chairs - Arts & Crafts Bar Stool

Kenwood Bar Stool

Alberta Bar Stool

Austin Bar Stool

Arts and Crafts

Artisan Chair - Denver Bench [36 in].jpg

Denver Bench

Artisan Chairs - Liberty Bench [36 in].j

Liberty Bench

Artisan Chairs - Beaumont Bench [36 in].

Beaumont Bench

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